Introcusing rehabilitated museum

18 მაისი კოტე და სოსო წერეთლები - Introcusing rehabilitated museum

12:00, May 18 The Union of Tbilisi Municipal museums –rehabilitated Kote and Soso Tsereteli Memorial flat-museum will open. The main conception of the museum is to try to restore the 1980s epoch, to show the contradictions of the social and moral picture which was led to the collapse of the Soviet system in Georgia. The museum dedicates to the famous Georgian  linguist and the founder of Arameic dialectology Soso Tsereteli, who considered as  the trustful person of Soviet party and his son, the talented painter- Sosi Tsereteli, who was the member of the scandalous “Airplane Deed” in the 1980s

The museum exhibits include the family and memorial exponents, the painting of Soso Tsereteli, the photo and film material from different parts of worlds.  The exposition includes the documents about “Airplane Boys”, which are taken from the archive of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On May 18, 2019, The Union of Tbilisi Municipal Museums joins International Museums Week and echoes the theme of International Museum Day: Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition with different events and educational programs.