The mission of The Union of Tbilisi Municipal Museums is to use museum funds for research purposes and afterword transform them into an educational outreach. The principal direction of museum education is to support studies integrating different fields through various museum classes. For teachers who are interested in integrative lessons, the museums offer an educational opportunity for their students which helps them to enrich their own knowledge. We offer an opportunity to “bring in” students from local schools and make them as a part of the process. Nowadays, there are 28 different educational programs in museums of The Union of Tbilisi Municipal Museums. Besides the educational aspect, an interactive practical workshop is included as well. Program participants make Puppets, Dolls, Toy-Ballerinas, etc. Alongside museum visitations, theatrical and seasonal workshops, as well as educational programs, also are held in our “Educational Centre”.The educational center offers any interested person in various educational programs and workshops. There are two educational centers: “Nyngio-Japanese dolls” and “The history of Dolls”. From March 2019 the “Spring Workshop” and the English-speaking program “The practical course of marionette art” is holding. The participants have an opportunity with the help of interactions and practical activates deepen their knowledge.