The mission of the Tbilisi Museums Union encompasses redefining the role of museums in contemporary society, reflecting a synthesis of traditional museum activities and an educational aspect that emphasizes knowledge sharing with each individual. In this evolving landscape, modern museums are urged to broaden their vision, giving equal priority to visitors and collections. They are expected to serve a clear social function, enhancing communication with visitors. Aligned with this mission, the core objective of conserving and adapting museums is to transform them into spaces where traditional activities seamlessly integrate educational aspects.

The Tbilisi Museums Union actively channels museum funds towards educational purposes, converting them into valuable educational resources. A central focus of the union lies in museum education and the promotion of learning through cognitive educational programs. The extensive museum collections within the union play an integral role in facilitating lessons across diverse subject areas.

Educators interested in integrated lessons find value in the museum space, leveraging first-hand resources to enhance teachings. The Tbilisi Museums Union offers interactive educational programs across its units, designed to foster knowledge acquisition and skill development. These programs aim to make participants active learners in an engaging and interactive process.

The Union of Tbilisi Municipal Museums extends its services to various civil initiatives and ethnic groups. The primary mission is to actively utilize museum funds in the educational process, converting them into valuable educational resources. The promotion of integrated teaching across various subjects, facilitated by museum funds, is a crucial aspect of the educational initiatives. Teachers conducting integrated lessons benefit from the museum’s space, enriching lessons with information from first-hand sources and providing an alternative to traditional frameworks. Currently, the Union of Tbilisi Museums offers 33 interactive and cognitive educational programs in both Georgian and English languages. All programs include practical and enjoyable workshops, offering participants the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, deepen their knowledge, and gain valuable hands-on experience.

The museum’s diverse programs engage participants in hands-on activities such as crafting dolls, ballerinas, and chess pieces, as well as constructing moving machines and games. Through these interactive workshops, attendees can satisfy their curiosity, deepen their understanding, and broaden their skills.

The educational programs offered by the Tbilisi Museums Union serve multiple purposes:

– Enhancing and diversifying knowledge and skills in a museum setting

– Boosting learning motivation

– Applying acquired knowledge practically

– Going beyond conventional teaching frameworks

– Fostering skills for interactive teaching and project presentations

– Aligning with museum and school curriculum themes

– Providing adaptive content to suit the age, interests, and capabilities of visitors

– Being both educational and interactive, providing a hands-on learning experience.