Georgian writer Shio Aragvispireli (real surname - Dedabrishvili) was born on December 16, 1867, in the village of Kariskhevi, Dusheti district, in the family of a poor priest. From 1877 he studied at the Tbilisi Theological School, after which he continued his studies at the Tbilisi Theological Seminary.

In 1893, together with Georgian students, he founded the "Georgian Liberation League" in Warsaw, for which he was arrested along with others. He was first in Warsaw, then in Kutaisi prison. The writer graduated from the institute in 1895, returned to Georgia and began working as a veterinarian.

The literary heritage of Shio Aragvispireli is not large in volume. For about 30 years, he created about eighty works. He was one of the first writers to introduce and establish small forms of the prose genre - etude, sketch, and picture.

Shio Aragvispireli died on January 2, 1926, and is buried in Didube Pantheon of Public Figures.

The structural unit of the Tbilisi Museums Association, Shio Aragvispireli House-Museum, is a cultural heritage monument (Tbilisi, N13a Giorgi Chubinashvili St., Tbilisi).

The writer was often visited by famous Georgian public figures and writers, who were a particularly active force during the years of Georgia's independence (1918-1921).

Rehabilitation works of the house-museum were completed in 2019, the architectural features and authenticity of the monument were fully preserved.



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