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Vakhtang Chabukiani Memorial House-Museum

Vakhtang Chabukiani (19101992) a Georgian ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher highly regarded in Georgia as well as abroad. He is considered to be one of the most influential male ballet dancers in history, and is noted for creating the majority of the choreography of the male variations which comprise the classical ballet repertory. Chabukiani combined  Georgian folk dance with  classical ballet  and created a peculiar national classic ballet.

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The Museum building's status:

Real monument of Cultural Heritage (The Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, order N 3/181, 2007)

Date of establishment:

Vakhtang Chabukiani Memorial House-Museum was opened in April 29,2003.The Museum was established according to the decree N 669, 23.07.1992 of the Government of Georgian Republic.


  • 83/23 Davd Aghmashenebeli Ave. Tbilisi, since 1947 up to 1992, before his death, Chabukiani, a great ballet master, dancer and teacher, Georgian Ballet Company founder  lived here. After his death, the government of the Republic of Georgia in June 23, 1992 issued Resolution № 669, according to which was provided by a series of events, including Vakhtang Chabukiani Museum arrangement where she lived (83/23 David Aghmashenebeli Av.).

    On May 10, 1993 the Ministry of Culture was given a flat of Vakhtang Chabukiani for establishment the Museum.

    The Ministry of Culture temporarily entrusted Sophie Gordon, Vakhtang Chabukiani’s niece, to head the Museum. Sophie soon died. During this period, years of hardship and the general poverty in Georgia, the things housed in Vakhtang Chabukiani apartment couldn’t be kept. The museum was no longer functioning and temporarily closed and sealed.

    In November 17, 1999, Vakhtang Chabukiani International Center (President – Eter Gugushvili) according to the decision of the founders’ meeting, proposed to Valeri Asatini, the Minister of Culture to open Vakhtang Chabukiani House-Museum by 90th anniversary of his birth.

    The Ministry of Culture because of lack of funds was not able to help. At the request of the Minister of Culture, Tbilisi City Hall The City Council took the decision of this problem.

    On March 31, 2000 the Minister of Culture Valeri Asatiani issued the order N 3/22, on transferring Vakhtang Chabukiani Apartment-Museum to Tbilisi City Hall.


    Vakhtang Chabukiani Memorial House-Museum houses personal items of a ballet dancer (furniture, a grand piano, etc.) stage costumes, and a variety of documents which reflect actor’s roles and life, photo collections, private archive.