Educational Centre of Tbilisi City Hall Museums Union opened on November 1, 2018, and offers a variety of educational programs and various thematic workshops for children and adults.

The educational centre with its programs is a space where both children and adults receive not only education but also the experience of social relations.

The environment of the educational centre and educational programs promote the development of creative skills in children and adolescents, helping to better understand the world. In this environment, they are among the people who are kind to them.

Today, the Association of Museums offers up to 30 different types of educational programs that offer participants a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge in an environment, which is rich with museum items. Through interaction and practical games, program participants can satisfy their curiosity, deepen their knowledge and experience.
The learning process is simple and interesting, and most importantly, they can do following: Georgian traditional queens and Japanese dolls, New Year greetings and gifts.