Tbilisi Museum Union Receives Special Recognition at EMA-2023 Awards

image 50424321 - Tbilisi Museum Union Receives Special Recognition at EMA-2023 Awards

Tbilisi Museum Union is delighted to announce its receipt of the Special Recognition award at the esteemed EMA-2023 competition, hosted by the European Academy of Museums (EMA).

The annual EMA conference, which took place from September 14-16, 2023, in Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture 2023, featured one of the most prominent competitions in the museum field. Following the conference, the Academy of European Museums held its annual awards ceremony, recognizing excellence in various categories.

Tbilisi Museum Union was honored with the Special Recognition award, a testament to its remarkable contributions to the museum sector. This accolade underscores the Union’s unwavering commitment to addressing historical and societal challenges through its collections, educational programs, and activities. Notably, the Union’s museography embodies a creative approach to knowledge generation, interpretation, and social responsibility, taking into account the complex geographical and historical context of Tbilisi.

The EMA-2023 competition featured several prestigious award categories:

The EMA Art Museum of the Year Award: Acknowledging art museums that excel in innovative engagement with art, addressing contemporary challenges, and championing social issues.

The Luigi Micheletti Prize: Presented to museums that seamlessly integrate technology and modern communication into their collections and museum language while emphasizing the history of industry and science, all while promoting democratic and human values.

DASA Award: Recognizing museums that stand out in museography and educational programs, where history and heritage serve as vital educational resources and foster community engagement. Tbilisi Museums Union was a finalist in the 2023 DASA award category.

The 2023 award winners in these categories were:

The 2023 Art Museum Award: S.M.A.K – the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgium.

2023 DASA Award: Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre, Budapest, dedicated to enhancing financial and economic knowledge.

The 2023 Luigi Micheletti Prize: Refugee Museum of Denmark, Oksbøl, Denmark.

Additionally, two Special Recognition awards were presented at the ceremony, including an exceptional ‘Hors concours’ recognition:



The Special recognition was awarded to the Tbilisi Museums Association, which, through its collections, educational programs, and activities, inspires visitors and readers to contemplate historical and societal challenges. The Union of Tbilisi Museums demonstrates a creative approach to knowledge generation, interpretation, and social responsibility, all while considering the complex geographical and historical context. The European Museum Academy also acknowledges the dedicated spirit encountered in Tbilisi with a ‘Hors concours’ recognition. The Judges’ Report recognizes an outstanding achievement in creating a network of museums in the capital city of Georgia. Cooperation and innovation are the key words of their work in the context of a challenging regional geopolitical situation.

The European Academy of Museums (EMA) was established in 2009 in honor of the renowned museologist Kenneth Hudson. EMA brings together experts in various museum-related fields, museum leaders, exhibition theorists, curators, and more.

The EMA-2023 conference program included keynote presentations, meetings, discussions, mentoring sessions, and external workshops, held in various educational and museum spaces in Timisoara.

The 2023 EMA conference took place in Timisoara, Romania, recognized by the European Union as the European Capital of Culture for 2023. This initiative, which has been in effect since 1985, highlights a city each year as the focal point of cultural life, fostering the development of values, culture, and opportunities across the continent.