Rehabilitation and Restoration Processes are starting in the Merab Kostava Memorial House Museum

29 - Rehabilitation and Restoration Processes are starting in the Merab Kostava Memorial House Museum

On May 26 at 12:00, the Tbilisi Museums Union – Merab Kostava Memorial House Museum, will showcase the rehabilitation and restoration project. This project extends beyond the museum-memorial building including the area recently acquired from citizen Rusudan Thorgashvili, facilitated by the Tbilisi City Hall.

The Merab Kostava Memorial House Museum, established in 1991 under the leadership of Georgia’s first president, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, is situated at 1 Zandukeli Street. This historic house served as the birthplace and lifelong residence of Merab Kostava, a revered national hero of Georgia, until his passing in 1939.

The house museum preserves a rich array of Merab Kostava’s possessions, including personal items, memorabilia, a library, manuscripts, a collection of notes and gramophone records, photographs documenting the national liberation movement of the latter half of the 20th century, personal correspondences, clandestine publications from his era, and more. These artifacts and documents offer profound insights into the historical narrative of his generation and the national struggle for liberation.

As part of the ongoing rehabilitation efforts, the cultural heritage and museum artifacts have been securely relocated to a protected space for careful study and preservation. The rehabilitation project focuses on maintaining the architectural integrity of the historically significant building while catering to the specific requirements of the museum. Preservation of the monument’s distinctive architectural features, alongside the safeguarding of the memorial’s authentic walls, is a key aspect of the restoration plan.

The project aims to make the building fully adaptable and accessible for individuals with diverse needs. The works envisaged by the project will cover 18 months and will be completed in November 2023, with an estimated cost of 1,052,786.00 GEL. “Granit” LLC has been appointed to execute the restoration tasks. Oversight of the rehabilitation process will be conducted by the project’s team of authors, in collaboration with the Funds and Collections Service of the Tbilisi Museums Union.

The museum stands as a significant symbol of the struggle for Georgian independence and holds great historical value for the country. However, the museum has not undergone substantial renovation, resulting in its memorial and exhibition spaces not meeting the standards expected of a modern museum.

Tbilisi Museums Union aims to transform the Merab Kostava Memorial House Museum into a captivating focal point in the capital, appealing to both locals and those interested in Georgia’s recent history.