Publication: Tbilisi Museum of Toys and Dolls

2017 Tojinebi - Publication: Tbilisi Museum of Toys and Dolls

Year: 2017

Cover: Hard

Artist-designer: Nino Andriashvili

Photographer: Mirian Kiladze

Publisher: L.t.d. “Cezanne”

Cost: 80 GEL

“These two small rooms, where I saw some wonderful dolls, give a lot of joy. Our little museum is certainly a very big deal. Here, a very interesting affair has been started. It has a perspective and I would like to wish the beginner of this artistic story a wonderful future, but for now I am happy to start this work. ”

The more you read books and follow texts, the more you want to see all the exhibits in the museum live and participate in all the games with the children.

The book presents the exhibits preserved in the Museum of Toys and Dolls in Tbilisi, old Georgian games found and collected in different parts of Georgia, toys and facts that were unknown to the general public.

The book is in Georgian and English languages ​​and the exhibits and photos, presented in it, are preserved in the Union of Tbilisi Museums – Museum of Toys and Dolls.

The book can be purchased at the museums of the the Union of Tbilisi Museums of Tbilisi City Hall.


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