Music at Ilia’s House

27. მუსიკა ილიას სახლში - Music at Ilia’s House
Tbilisi became the administrative and cultural center of the Caucasus from the beginning of the 19th century.
Consequently, the lifestyle of the city changed dramatically.
Gradually European culture took over the oriental, interest of the citizens in the European music increased.
European music was played in music and literary saloons of Tbilisi using such instruments as piano, string instruments, guitar, mandolin, etc. Tbilisi and Kutaisi became the music centers that generated such music genres as urban folklore, romances, opera, which were very popular among the population.
Ilia Chavchavadze Literary-Memorial Museum of the Union of Tbilisi Museums offers the audience an educational program – “Music at Ilia’s House”.
Following the excursion around the Museum, the participants of the program, on the basis of the various photo and audio materials, will get familiar with:
✥ Georgian folklore songs, hymns and sentimental songs,
✥ Music genres characteristic to Georgia of the 19th century.
✥ In the end of the program, the participants will take part in the exciting contest.
Participation in the program is possible both as a group and individually.
◈ Maximum number of participants: 20
◈ Program Duration: 90 minutes
◈ Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.
◈ G.Chubinashvili st. N22, Tbilisi, Georgia
◈ Program cost: 5 GEL
◈ (032) 2 305 001 | 599 515573, 568 515573