From Sails to Clothes

2. ილქნებიდან სამოსამდე 1 - From Sails to Clothes
Millions of people around the world find that despite its relatively short “biography”, they are at the top of the list of the most convenient and democratic clothes and is recognized as a symbol of freedom.
Being prohibited and unconventional, they had been somehow imported from the capitalist countries through the Iron Curtain and gained special significance during the Soviet era.
Today it is difficult to find a person without at least a pair of them.
Yes, we are talking about JEANS.
Do you know how the first pair of jeans were made?
Who made them and also, when and why did they become so trendy?
Are there some interesting stories related to emergence of the first pairs of jeans in Georgia?
What were the symbols of freedom in the Soviet system?
Soso and Kote Tsereteli Memorial House-Museum of the Union of Tbilisi Museums offers the audience an educational program “From Sails to Cloths”.
Following the excursion around the Museum, the participants of the program, on the basis of the various photo and video materials, will get familiar with:
✥ How the denim sails were transformed into the clothes.
✥ Why the jeans became the symbol of freedom.
✥ Stories of Iron Curtain and the significance of the freedom.
Participation in the program is possible both as a group and individually.
◈ Maximum number of participants: 15
◈ Program Duration: 90 minutes
◈ Tuesday, 3:00 p.m.
◈ D.Uznadze st. N4, Tbilisi, Georgia
◈ Program cost: 10 GEL
Program language: Georgian
◈ (032) 2 305 001