Opening of renovated Memorial House of Galaktion Tabidze

TBGR9182 - Opening of renovated Memorial House of Galaktion Tabidze

On July 22, the Union of Museums of Tbilisi City Hall – the renovated Memorial House-Museum of Galaktion Tabidze was opened.

Galaktion Tabidze Memorial House-Museum is presented with an updated exposition, which means a museum and educational space in accordance with modern international standards.

The museum fully preserves both the memorial features of the House-Museum and the museum needs.
The exhibition spaces are prepared in accordance with modern museography, and the installations that you will find in the museum chronologically follow the life and biography of Galaktion Tabidze.

The mission of the Tbilisi Museums Association is the new role of museums in the modern society, when the modern museum expands the horizons of museum activities and, in parallel with the sharing of knowledge, makes the viewer a priority together with the collection.

The museum is open: every day from 10:00 to 18:30