Galaktioni and Tbilisi

2018 გალაკტიონი scaled - Galaktioni and Tbilisi

Year: 2018

Cover: Hard

Artist-designer: Nino Andriashvili

Publisher: Sh.P.S. Cezanne

Cost: 29 GEL


“..Then there is nowhere new,
sky-ocean, moon-sliver,
Tbilisi is high for me
guillotine and scaffold.”

We can talk for a long time about Galaktion’s love for Tbilisi. This city occupies a special place in his creation.

The book presents numerous records, memories or feelings accumulated in the poet’s creative heritage, which are related to Tbilisi.

The publication tells about the love of the King of Poetry and Tbilisi and the literary heritage that is kept in various foundations and collections.

The exhibits, photos and sketches made by Galaktion are preserved in the Union of Museums of Tbilisi City Hall – Galaktion Tabidze Memorial House-Museum, National Archives of Georgia and Giorgi Leonidze State Museum of Georgian Literature.

The book can be purchased at the City Hall of the Union of Museums in museums


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