Exhibition “Latavra” – after 90 years

DSC 0901 scaled - Exhibition “Latavra” – after 90 years

In 2017, 16 March in The Union of Museums – Zakaria Paliashvili Memorial House – Museum held the exhibition which was dedicated to the 90 years anniversary of  Zakaria Paliashvili`s opera “Latavra”. As the date of exhibition was chosen the first stage premiere day of operas (director – Sandro Akhmeteli, composer of libretto – Sandro Shanshiashvili, painter – Irakli Gamrekeli, conductor – Ivane Paliashvili. Premier was held in 1928, 16 March).

Opera “Latavra” was the most invaluable creation in the work of Zakaria Paliashvili. In the State Opera House “Latavra” was played three times (second time – director – Alexandre Tsutsunava (1937), third – director – Michael Kvaliashvili (1950).

On the exhibition there was exhibit – Zakaria Paliashvili`s original manuscript notes, piano arrangement, score, old playbills, costumes, stage decoration sketches and e.tc.. Which are protected in Museum funds.

Gulbaat Toradze, Irakli Cholokhashvili and other guests give a talk about Zakaria Paliashvili`s number third operation meaning and exclusiveness. At the end of event, Eldar Getsadze sung his famous part “Inkubusi” from the opera “Latavra”.

During the Exhibition, after the second play “Latavra”, the family of Tamar Lapiashvili gave the materials from private collection of Tamar Lapiashvili`s about opera “Latavra” to The Union Of Museums – Zakaria Paliashvili Memorial House – Museum.