Kartvelian Languages

15 April The Union of Tbilisi Municipal Museums,  Nikoloz Baratashvili Memorial House-Museum due to the lecture cycle “Let’s save the word” held the following public lecture “Kartvelian Languages”. “Kartvelian languiages” includes several independent subgroups : Svan and Kholkhian languages- one of the sparse and old languages last to modern days. During the meeting the following subject were discussed:

Why is the language the main source of communication?

How language transforms in era of globalization?

Why it is principal for scholars to research rare language subgroups:  Svan and Kolkhian languages?

How to be  able to retain languages  in time and space?

All this and  the other questions  was answered by  linguists Levan Kochlamazashvili ,Natia Foniava and historian Elsa Khaindrava.