Theater Masks

Theatre masks and costumed performances have a long history.  “Bauta”, “Volto”, “Moreta”, those are the names of Venice masks, which amuse viewers with every glance.

Georgia is not an exception. “Berikaoba” and “Kaenoba” were one of this kind of theatre performances. Artists masks and costumes were created with deferent materials: animals leather (goat, sheep and bulls leather),  pumpkin, feather and etc.

Vakhtang Chabukiani memorial house-museum presents the educational program “Theater Masks”.

The program covers the following:

Excursion in the museum, where participants will hear the following:

The history of tradition in ancient Georgian theatre

The history of Venetian Masks

Participants will have an opportunity to create a theatre mask.

For further information please contact: (032) 2 30 50 01, ?599 515573/568 515573