1 March is the birthday of Tbilisi Dolls and Toys Museum

1 March 1936 is the birthday of Tbilisi Dolls and Toys Museum. The idea belongs to children’s writer and teacher TinatinTumanishvili (1892-1966). She initiated and in 1937 Georgian government established the special decree, according to it in nursery school which was located in Atarbegov str. the Children’s Toy Museum was opened. TinatinTumanishvili’s collection of toys and dolls, family items and books, which she granted to the state, started the exhibition. Tina Tumanishvili discovered and brought together under a single idea young, talented artists and engineers. That time no Georgian doll physically existed. Georgian national doll “Dedopala” is one of the most important and leading exhibit of the museum. Soon renewed Tbilisi Dolls and Toys Museum will be opened and unique collection will be exhibited.