Vakhtang Chabukiani in Carnegie hall

1934, January 31,…In America, in December of 1933, the concert tour of Vakhtang Chabukiani and Taliana Vecheslova was continued: Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Los-Angeles, San-Francisco… American press wrote: “Chabukiani can leap higher and whirl faster than perhaps any dancers alive”.(New York Evening Post, Jan.1934).

New York Times announced, that Vakhtang Chabukiani went over like hurricane on the most famous performances of the season… Tatiani Vecheslova in her book “I am a ballerina“ recalled: “We were working selflessly, practicing hard in New York to perform in Carnegie hall. We were informed that if the artist performed in Carnegie Hall, it would define his majesty, but if he “failed”, it would mean that all his future success would be doubtful.”

The audience welcomed dancers with big warily but performance after performance their success gradually grew up. In the end the audience was screaming and knocking chairs… and suddenly we heard heartbreaking whistle… “What is that?!-we asked with horror… we were calmed down  “It is sign of delight, do not worry, you chained the  American audience.