”Shadgineoba” – Game

Records about the games are collected and prepared while the Tbilisi Doll Museum expeditions during 1938-1978 years.

The text is recorded in the Zemo-Alvani Village, Akhmeta Region.

In winter, when we could not go out, we were gathering at someone’s home. Those who had two or three young women. We were knitting socks, stockings, sabarjulis (rope skirt, to put on under the dress). We were saying who would make a better one. We were measuring the ropes to define who was the best among socks knitters. On the measured rope we were making sign (tighten it or added thread of different colour). The one who first would finish the measured rope was the winner and guys were also choosing her as she was considered as a nimble woman. We were very willing to go to Shadginaoba. Boys were also often coming, we were knitting and they were playing chonguri, singing or telling stories from the war.