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Mikheil Javakhishvili Memorial House-Museum

In 1988, according to the decree of the Council of Ministers, decided to establish Mikheil Javakhishvili House-Museum in 21 Elbakidze downhill (now Mikheil Javakhishvili Street)

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Date of establishment:




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The Museum building status:

Real Monument of Cultural Heritage of Georgia (Order N 3/181, 2007 by the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia).

Space of the museum:

115 m2


  • The great Georgian writer Mikheil Javakhishvili (1880 – 1937) lived with a wife, two daughters and a grandchild in the building, where the museum is located now, in 1913-1937.

    In 1937, he was arrested. The apartment was sealed; furniture and personal belongings were confiscated.  His family continued living in glass gallery which total space was 25 sq.m. Rest space of the apartment was given to a writer and critic Shalva Radiani who lived there till 1955 before the rehabilitation of the writer.  As a result of political repression a few number of furniture and personal belongings were survived, a large amount of them were destroyed. Writer’s manuscripts, part of writer’s library, unique personal items etc. were lost. In 1997 writer’s younger daughter Rusudan Javakhishvili got right to fulfill idea of the house-museum. She moved to her own apartment with her family by agreement of the city government. Among supporters of the idea were the Union of Writers and different public organizations. She exposes part of exhibits reflected writer’s life and works in the Museum. But the main archive materials are still in the possession of the heirs.

    The museum has the writer’s archive and books. The collection periodically is filled and enriched the exponents and materials from other resources, organizations or private collections. In addition to personal belongings and memorial exponents the Museum owns unique archive material and records; publications: “Illustrated Biographies” by Rusudan Javakhishvili; the writer’s photo album” and “Mikheil Javakhishvili notebook”.